Netflix's Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus Has a New Teaser and a Release Date

Zim and Gir having a moment in the bathroom.
Zim and Gir having a moment in the bathroom.
Image: Netflix

Action-packed as the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Invader Zim movie Enter the Florpus was, it dropped during San Diego Comic-Con with nary a detail as to when folks would be able to watch it. Now, though, we know exactly when everyone’s favorite alien is going to be right back on TV screens where he belongs.


This morning, Netflix dropped a cryptic teaser for the film featuring Gir, Zim, and the Minimoose just hanging out in the bathroom the way good friends do.

Sure, for them it’s an “official hiding room,” but everything from the graffiti on the wall, to the water strains leeching into the floor, makes it obvious that it’s just a bathroom and Zim’s having the time of his life splashing around in a toilet bowl. While Zim never really needs a reason to take a toilet bath, this time around he’s certainly got one because Enter the Florpus is coming to Netflix much, much sooner than you might think.

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus lands on Netflix on August 16.

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That’s really weird. The first trailer was from Nickelodeon a year ago. And now it’s on Netflix next month?

So Nick cancelled it once, ordered a revival movie, got cold feet again and Netflix picked it up? Nickelodeon really do suck, don’t they?