Netflix's Goofy Military Satire Space Force Is Getting a Second Season

Steve Carell and Ben Schwartz in Space Force.
Steve Carell and Ben Schwartz in Space Force.
Image: Netflix

No relation to the real Space Force. I mean, probably. Who knows with that thing.

As reported by Deadline, Space Force, the Steve Carell and Greg Daniels sitcom about a fictionalized version of the yes-still-real Space Force branch of the US Armed Forces has been renewed for a second season. The show stars Steve Carell as a four-star general tasked with running the least practical branch of the armed forces, in what is an on-brand workplace comedy for Carell and a pretty fun satire of American jingoist nonsense. (I also hear it’s pretty funny.)

The show stars Steve Carell, John Malkovitch, Ben Schwartz, Tawny Newsome, and others. Production is supposed to start up in Vancouver next year. Carell and Daniels produce, with Daniels serving as co-showrunner alongside Norm Hiscock, who has worked on Parks & Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Space Force’s first season is streaming on Netflix. 

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Adam Whitehead

Fair enough. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t totally awful either and Daniels has form with mediocre first seasons that dramatically improve in the second (both The Office and Parks & Rec followed that trajectory), so it’s reasonable to give this a second chance.

It is a shame that this got renewed and stronger fare like GLOW got cancelled, although of course COVID restrictions make filming a wrestling show very difficult.