Netflix Will Soon Stream CW Shows Mere Days After The Finale

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You can watch popular CW shows on Netflix right now. Soon though, thanks to a new deal, not only will that relationship continue, full current seasons will be uploaded soon after the finale. The Flash would proud.


As it stands now, shows like The Flash, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, The 100 and iZombie are all on the streaming giant but without the most recent seasons. So not only are those going to be added, but starting with the 2016-2017 season, the subsequent seasons will also be added a mere eight days after the finale. That’s almost like the entire season becomes just one more episode.

Most importantly, the deal also extend to all new content for the length of the deal. So if you’re a cable cutter and want to watch Frequency, Riverdale, or the new episodes of Supergirl, you’ll have much less time to wait than usual.


This incredibly quick turnaround is just the latest win for digital distribution. To put it in perspective, it’s almost as if Netflix is getting movies eight days after they were out of theaters. Major movie studios are not at that point yet but, depending on how this news turns out, the CW deal could be a minor spark in shortening the window for content everywhere.

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Counterpoint to all the people saying that Hulu already does it better: Hulu sucks. I’d rather watch an episode on the CW site itself, and it once took me more than 3 hours to watch a single episode I’d missed of Legends of Tomorrow. That’s how horrible and intrusive the commericals are on Hulu. It’s I’d-rather-watch-the-same-commercial-nine-times-in-a-row-on-Crunchyroll bad.