We were quite enamoured with Daredevil’s take on Matt Murdock’s iconic red crimefighting suit—but there’s always room for improvement. It looks like we’re getting such an improvement, if this glimpse of Matt’s new crimefighting suit is anything to go by.

The official Daredevil account tweeted out the above picture earlier today:

And while it’s not the best look at the updated suit, you can already tell some changes—particularly the helmet, which has a lot more black lining on it. We got an even better look shortly after though, when a fan responded to the tweet with a picture of their own, showing what appears to be a costume test for the new suit:


And as you can see, there is a lot more black than the suit we saw in the first season of the show. Almost the entirety of the fromt of the mask is now black, and much of the suit itself has black accents now. Here’s the original for comparison:

Looks like much of what was a darker crimson before is now straight up black, a half-way between the Red Suit and Matt’s original “ninja” getup that he wore. What do you think? A fan of the darker look for Daredevil? Let us know in the comments.


[Via The Mary Sue]