Netflix Renews Disenchantment for Another 2-Part Season

No need to sneak out, Bean (Abby Jacobson), you’re coming back next year.
No need to sneak out, Bean (Abby Jacobson), you’re coming back next year.
Image: Netflix

The kingdom of Dreamland will remain open. Netflix has announced that Matt Groening’s fantasy series Disenchantment has been renewed for another 20-episode season, which means we’ll be getting new episodes through at least 2021.

As revealed on Twitter, Netflix has given Disenchantment another season. But that renewal actually guarantees two more years of the series. In the case of Disenchantment, each 20-episode season is split across two years—the second half of the current season will return sometime in 2019. Likewise, this second season will come out in 2020 and 2021.

The first half of season one was relatively lackluster, but ended on a cliffhanger that was not only engaging, but also surprisingly emotional. It pretty much saved the season, if not the series, in my eyes. It’ll be interesting to see how Groening handles the series moving forward, and whether major “twists” like this will become a trend.

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I think it takes a season or 2 to find what works. They struggled a bit with season one, but this is a talented team and they can do it. That said...I’ve really wanted another season of the new MST3k. I check it periodically to make sure new episodes haven’t been added, although Netflix would probably notify me if there were.