Netflix Releases New "Browse Endlessly" Plan

Perfect for a night of clicking through films you have no intention of watching.


The Onion has done it again with their news report on the new Netflix plan. Why not make people pay for what they're doing already? I would also be open to a "Just West Wing" plan or "The first 10 minutes of the third episode of Sherlock."

[Via Laughing Squid]



Original programming aside, Netflix streaming is mostly garbage, like a poorly-run video store run by a couple of apathetic teens. Not so much "long tail" as "thin gruel." I concede that there are some classics on there, like African Queen and The Conversation. And the TV selection is good. But mostly it's cheapoid horror and low-budget flicks from the last couple of decades.

I mean, Blockbuster sucked, sure, but if you were a kid living in the suburbs and you wanted to learn about movie history, you could probably find stuff like The Godfather, Dr. Strangelove, The Searchers, Casablanca, etc. at the local store. Netflix doesn't even have that many good movies from the last 25 years. If, say, you're a sixteen-year-old who heard about Philip Seymour Hoffman dying and wanted to find out more about his career, Netflix streaming is the last place you'd want to go. Sure, there's a couple of movies in which he had decent roles, like Talented Mr. Ripley and Punch-Drunk Love, but no Boogie Nights, no Magnolia, no Almost Famous, no Capote, hell, not even Big Lebowski.

Now, of course, you could always pay an extra $2 for a DVD rental plan. But most people under 25 have zero interest in physical media, and it wouldn't surprise me if Netflix reduced or stopped mailing discs in another five years or so. Streaming is probably going to be the future for a lot of people, not renting or even owning. And it's pretty cool as an idea. But in terms of quality movies, most of these services are deserts. And there really aren't that many alternatives left.