Illustration for article titled Netflix Panders to Nostalgic Millennials With a New Bill Nye Science Show

Bill Nye has a new science show—but it won’t be on TV. It’s coming to Netflix this Spring.


The new series is a talk show called Bill Nye Saves the World. Nye said that early episodes will focus on “the complex scientific issues facing us today,” including episodes on vaccinations, GMOs and climate change.

In the last few years, Nye has had a series of public debates on scientific issues, including a few on climate change and one with the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham on evolution. The show’s synopsis—Netflix describes it as “dispelling myths, and refuting anti-scientific claims”—certainly sounds like it could be in a more similar vein to that than his children’s science show in the 1990s.


But Netflix also referred to the show on Twitter as “an experiment,” hinting perhaps that—just like decades ago—we could see a few explosive demonstrations pop up. Let’s all just hope that Netflix does a better job with this obvious play to 90s nostalgia than it did with Fuller House.

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