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Netflix may give Jericho a new lease on post-apocalyptic life!

Illustration for article titled Netflix may give emJericho/em a new lease on post-apocalyptic life!

Our favorite post-apocalyptic TV series Jericho could be back... again. The last time Jericho graced the small screen was in 2008, but now sources are whispering that Netflix has reached out to CBS, in hopes of bringing it back.


After just one year CBS canned the show centered around a band of survivors of a nuclear attack. But thanks to an insanely loyal fanbase, and their amazing peanut mail-in, Jericho came back. Sadly the reprieve was only short-lived.

But now, according to TV Guide, Netflix has noticed the show's online popularity, and the company is currently in the process of trying to revive the series for Netflix.


This is not the first time we've heard of the return of Jericho — a few years back there was almost a deal with Comcast to bring back the series, but all those efforts crumbled. But maybe Netflix has the wherewithal to relaunch the show — assuming the cast would still be open to continuing their roles, many years later. We're cautiously optimistic, but wouldn't it be great to get Jericho back?

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This show failed because of the same reason all dystopian series fail, because they are just too depressing and don't go anywhere. I'd be surprised if The Walking Dead makes it another season with its low ratings and drudgy story line. The dystopian medium is simply better suited for movies and books.