Netflix Is Turning Cuphead Into a Full-On Animated Series

Cuphead and Mugman throwing contracts into a fire.
Cuphead and Mugman throwing contracts into a fire.
Image: StudioMDHR

As robust as Netflix’s portfolio of live-action series is, the streaming giant’s no stranger to greenlighting animated projects. The Cuphead Show, the next big series it wants to get you hooked on, is about two cup-headed brothers who, at least in their video game, are known for getting into some rather devilish mischief.

Today, Netflix announced its plans to launch The Cuphead Show, a series based on the StudioMDHR video game about Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they try to get out of a tricky gambling debt with the devil, sending them on an adventure through the Inkwell Isles. The series will feature the same hand-drawn, Fleischer-inspired art style that defined the video game and also expand on its canonical lore in order to tell larger stories that fit with the game’s somewhat mature tone.

The Cuphead Show’s official poster.
The Cuphead Show’s official poster.
Image: Netflix

Neither a creative team for the series nor a release date has been announced, but Cuphead co-creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer are attached to executive produce, as are, interestingly, Rocko’s Modern Life’s Cosmo Segurson and Dave Wasson—one of the minds behind Disney’s often weird and regularly brilliant Mickey Mouse animated shorts.

We’ll bring you the latest updates about The Cuphead Show as we learn them.

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Yankton, née Spacemonkey Mafia

This is perfect for a fellow like myself, who was enchanted by the game’s lovingly recreated Fleischer Bros aesthetic, and also sucks quantum amounts of ass at bullet hell games.