Netflix Is Making a Stretch Armstrong Show for Some Astonishing Reason

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Netflix’s foray into original programming has gone pretty well for them. This one seems a lot more suspect.


Apparently, Netflix thought it didn’t have enough original content for kids, so it partnered with Hasbro to come up with a new Stretch Armstrong. Because Stretch Armstrong has good name recognition amongst the youth. To be fair, this exact arrangement was how most of the animated shows of my childhood got made.

Anyway, the Hasbro-Netflix Axis of Money is making an animated comedy show about a teenager named Jake Armstrong and his two best friends. In typical fashion, a mysterious chemical dunk gives them stretchy powers, turning them into “Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters.” If this show works, it will be in spite of that name.


Stretch Armstrong is part of a concerted effort on Netflix’s part to create more programming for non-adults. It’s also got a musical series for younger kids called, I wish I was kidding, Lalaloopsy and a tween sci-fi drama (of course) called The Greenhouse. In all cases, they’ll be going the patented “all episodes at once” route.

So, get ready for Stretch Armstrong in 2017. And also get ready to explain to today’s kids what Stretch Armstrong is.


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The Homework Ogre

Netflix has done pretty okay with original programming, so long as you ignore the terrible garbage for kids.

ETA: I wonder if this is the flaming wreckage of the Stretch Armstrong movie that’s been kicking around for years?