Netflix Is Here With an Important Reminder that Children's Movies Are Terrifying

Oh, oh, no.
Oh, oh, no.
Image: Warner Bros.

It’s a wonder we didn’t all come out of childhood traumatized by the stuff they put in those movies.


Coming from Netflix UK & Ireland, this video features a rundown of some of the most weirdly frightening and potentially traumatic moments in kids’ movies. From growing faces to murder birds to ravenous houses, it’s a compelling list of all the worst stuff they put in kids movies back in the day, and sometimes still do.

My theory has always been that kids are slightly less experienced with regards to reality and danger, and thus aren’t necessarily as heavily impacted by this stuff as we feel like they should be. But I do also remember being terrified of The Lion King because of the stampede scene, so, really, who’s to say. I mean, I guess kids need horror, too.

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Another audience participation question - which movie scared the crap out of you as a kid, only for you to watch it as an adult and go “That’s it? How did this thing ever scare me?”


Screamers: When the little robot kid reveal he’s a robot for the first time. Screamed (pun intended) like a banshee. When I saw the movie years later, I was struck by how lame it is. It has a bit of a so bad its good kind of charm, but boy howdy is it cheap-looking.