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Netflix Hails Lucifer for One More Season

Cheers, Lucifer!
Cheers, Lucifer!
Image: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

After being saved from cancellation by Netflix after its third season on Fox—and turning in a well-received fourth season on the streaming service—the cheeky devil is officially going one more round: Lucifer is getting a fifth and final season.


TV Line broke the news, and the show’s official Twitter used its platform to thank the show’s dedicated fan base for helping make season five a reality.


Since season four ended with the title character (played by the always delightful Tom Ellis) leaving Los Angeles and heading back to hell to prevent a full-scale demon invasion, that “See You in Hell” tag line suggests the action might get even more fiery than usual in season five.

However, it also seems pretty certain that we’ll still have plenty of earthly drama too—where would Lucifer be without its mix of celestial shenanigans, wacky cop drama, and good-natured Hollywood snark? Whether or not that’ll include a happy ending for the star-crossed Lucifer and his true love, LAPD detective Chloe (Lauren German), remains to be seen; so far there’s no word on when season five might make an appearance, but 2020 seems a safe bet.

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Dunno why it’s ending at Season 5.. Sason 4 was the best one yet, and they finally started doing more with the angels/demons stuff, and could probably go another 2 or 3 10 episode seasons.. get more into the comic stuff a bit. I mean there’s literally so much more they could get into.