Netflix Getting Ready To Blow Minds By Bringing Back Black Mirror

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Black Mirror, the genius U.K. series about the dangers of media and technology, is coming back. And it’s coming back via the outlet many U.S. viewers first discovered the show: Netflix.


The Radio Times reports show creator Charlie Brooker and his production company have agreed with the streaming giant to create “multiple” new episodes of the show, which has starred Jon Hamm, Toby Kebbell (above), Hayley Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson.

Debuting in 2011, Black Mirror is an anthology series that has so far featured two, three-episode seasons and one special, all of which tell standalone stories based on some kind of frightening, media or technology hook. For example, would a famous politician do something disgusting in public to stop terrorism? What would happen if we could record and replay all our memories? Would you want to bring back a copy of your dead loved one? Is it okay to punish someone in public if they did something really terrible?

Brooker’s stories are a bit fantastic, but imbued with so much reality, almost all of them seem plausible. And that’s why they’re so scary and thought-provoking. These things aren’t possible now, but very well could be tomorrow.

Until Netflix makes a formal announcement, you might have to take this news with a tiny grain of salt, but the team up makes sense. Even after being a big hit in the United Kingdom and winning multiple awards, the show was relatively unknown in the United States. But when it hit Netflix, Black Mirror became a social media phenomenon. Must-binge-watch TV. Plus, the Brooker/Netflix deal had been rumored in the past.

If Black Mirror comes back, even for just three episodes, we’re incredibly lucky. And if you haven’t watched this show yet, do so. Right now.

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Eustache Dauger

I really, really wanted to like Black Mirror. I just couldn’t. It was too Perversions of Science-y. Not Outer Limits-ish enough.