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Netflix Gets the International Rights to All the Star Trek TV Series, Including the New One

Illustration for article titled Netflix Gets the International Rights to All thei Star Trek /iTV Series, Including the New One

Good news if you live in one of 188 countries that isn’t the United States or Canada: you’ll be able to stream CBS’ new Star Trek show on Netflix just 24 hours after each episode debuts stateside. US viewers, however, will still have to pony up six bucks per month to watch it on CBS All Access.


Canadian viewers won’t have to wait 24 hours, but they also won’t get to watch it on Netflix. Instead, Bell Media will be streaming the show, with both French and English versions.

Netflix’s library of every other Star Trek show is, however, currently available to US viewers, a perk that will extend to the other 188 countries under Netflix’s umbrella by the end of the year. (Bell Media has the rights in Canada.)


Does this mean that eventually, Bryan Fuller’s new series—which should be hitting screens in January—will come to Netflix in the U.S. eventually as well? Considering CBS All Access contains commercials and is far less user-friendly to use than Netflix, we certainly hope so.


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DL Thurston

I hate that we might finally get a new Trek show just to have it die because it’s on this weird streaming service no one wants to pay for. I mean, I want the show to succeed and even I’m not really interested in shelling out for another subscription service just to watch it.