Netflix Finally Gives Us an Interview With the Real Star of The Witcher

Roach, and his co-star, Geralt of Rivia.
Roach, and his co-star, Geralt of Rivia.
Image: Netflix

That’s right: the horse, the myth, the legend. Roach himself.

Netflix is wrapping up “Witchmas,” its Advent Calendar-style celebration of all things The Witcher, and a convenient promo for the upcoming second season of the show. We’ve gotten some good content. Some monsters, some bloopers. But, finally, we’re getting to the good stuff. Finally, Roach speaks.


Okay, he doesn’t talk so much as he... neighs. But it’s still an illuminating (okay, maybe not) look at one of the most important cast members in Geralt’s witchy retinue. Without Roach, he wouldn’t get anywhere! Literally.

Fun facts about The Witcher: there’s not one Roach. Every horse Geralt gets, he names Roach. Let’s hope Roach 1.0 sticks around for a while, though. He’s a charmer.

Season two of The Witcher comes next year.

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I know it’s not the same as the books or tv shows (yes, there was a previous Witcher series, no idea if it’s good or not) but my impression from Witcher 3 was that Geralt had several horses named Roach.

Also, does roach mean something different in Polish than it does in English, or was Geralt basically calling them bugs?