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Netflix and Marvel Know the Exact Ten Seconds Which Will Make Us Squeal

Last week, the Daredevil Twitter account had a short video of Luke’s taking over for Josie’s in Hell’s Kitchen. Now, Jessica Jones is getting in on the act.


I guess if you need a lawyer in New York, and you’re the kind of girl who can punch through walls, this is the card you’ll eventually get. this is ten seconds. There aren’t even any faces or dialogue. And it somehow all we’ve wanted. Plus, if you’ve seen Jessica Jones, it gets you running on completely half-baked theories for the next season already. The internet is a great and terrible power.


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Am I the only one that enjoyed Daredevil more than Jessica Jones? I just felt like with Jones Marvel was trying too hard to be edgy, where as with Daredevil they pushed boundaries without seeming to pander.

This and a various questionable plot elements leads me to prefer Daredevil.

That being said, I never really liked Ritter before in anything thing she’s done but she did a fantastic job here. Colter was likewise perfectly cast. The man who truly steals the show for me, however, was Mr. Tennant...justwow.