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Nervous About To Into The Woods? Listen To "On The Steps Of The Palace"

Illustration for article titled Nervous About To iInto The Woods/i? Listen To On The Steps Of The Palace

If you're still freaking out about Disney's adaptation of the classic musical Into The Woods, take a listen to Anna Kendrick's Cinderella tune "On the Steps of the Palace." It should help ease your fears.


The movie musical has released one of its hits, "On the Steps of the Palace," where Cinderella (played by Kendrick) weighs her options. The over-thinking tune shows the classic fairy tale character in a whole new light. She comes from the cinders and has now been thrust in the limelight at a ball, and isn't exactly sure what to make of it all. And here she is singing about her potential strange new love (thanks to USA Today)

Into the Woods comes out on December 25th but the soundtrack hits on December 15, so I think we will have PLENTY more to talk about from there. This tune is great, but I think the power really lies in the ensemble pieces. Fingers crossed, people.

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This is the first BIG MUSICAL I can think of in ages where I hear the songs and they sound like they want to be songs! (Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, and Les Miserables do not fit this description.)

I am moving from cautiously optimistic to just plain optimistic. Heck Depp only has on song, right?

Someone post Agony! Please!