Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

It's Nero's "day of reckoning" in a new Star Trek TV spot. Plus a new Astro Boy poster, and news of a Dollhouse confrontation and a new Heroes death. Plus Lost/Smallville clips and spoilers!

Star Trek:

A new TV spot gives us a bit more full frontal Nero, plus a teeny glimpse of turbulence inside that military transport shuttle. Oh, and apparently, it's online in massive HD here.


Astro Boy:

Here's a shiny new poster for the robot-kid movie. Bigger version at the link. [MTV]


We won't be seeing any of the other 20 Dollhouses this season, but we'll be meeting some of the people who run them and learning more about the organization. And if a second season happens, we might get to do the Dollhouse world tour. [Zap2It]


Also, in Friday's episode, not only do we go back to Caroline's Alma Mater, we also get to meet the man who put Sierra in the Dollhouse - and the confrontation between him and Sierra is not pretty. [TV Addict]


Here's the British promo for tomorrow night's episode:



It'll be at least a year, if not a lot longer, before we ever see Olivia and Peter kiss, says Anna Torv. [Fringe Television]



"Peter dies this year," Milo Ventimiglia tells Heroes Magazine. Is he speaking metaphorically? In related news, Greg Grunberg says there'll be a death in the finale and it won't be Parkman. Also - unless it aired last night - there's an upcoming scene where Matt Parkman uses his mind powers to get the Hunter to turn on his own men. [The ODI]


Grunberg also says the Hunter is going to be building Concentration Camps for Heroes: "They built that in the snow, all of those bunkers. It's very creepy and it's very cool. They torch the place." [E! Online]


Here are a couple more clips from the next episode, "Hex":


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.

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