Nero Fiddles While The Enterprise Burns, In New Star Trek Video

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It's Nero's "day of reckoning" in a new Star Trek TV spot. Plus a new Astro Boy poster, and news of a Dollhouse confrontation and a new Heroes death. Plus Lost/Smallville clips and spoilers!


Star Trek:

A new TV spot gives us a bit more full frontal Nero, plus a teeny glimpse of turbulence inside that military transport shuttle. Oh, and apparently, it's online in massive HD here.

Astro Boy:

Here's a shiny new poster for the robot-kid movie. Bigger version at the link. [MTV]

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We won't be seeing any of the other 20 Dollhouses this season, but we'll be meeting some of the people who run them and learning more about the organization. And if a second season happens, we might get to do the Dollhouse world tour. [Zap2It]


Also, in Friday's episode, not only do we go back to Caroline's Alma Mater, we also get to meet the man who put Sierra in the Dollhouse - and the confrontation between him and Sierra is not pretty. [TV Addict]


Here's the British promo for tomorrow night's episode:



It'll be at least a year, if not a lot longer, before we ever see Olivia and Peter kiss, says Anna Torv. [Fringe Television]



"Peter dies this year," Milo Ventimiglia tells Heroes Magazine. Is he speaking metaphorically? In related news, Greg Grunberg says there'll be a death in the finale and it won't be Parkman. Also - unless it aired last night - there's an upcoming scene where Matt Parkman uses his mind powers to get the Hunter to turn on his own men. [The ODI]


Grunberg also says the Hunter is going to be building Concentration Camps for Heroes: "They built that in the snow, all of those bunkers. It's very creepy and it's very cool. They torch the place." [E! Online]


Here are a couple more clips from the next episode, "Hex":


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.


Heroes gave me a wee bit o' hope last night. The Hiro/Ando dynamic is back, both in humor and in their relationship (the part with Hiro talking about his mom was exceptional), and a few people (Ando, Tracy, etc) discovered new ways to use their powers.

Also, looks like they're taking the Peter route with returned powers to Hiro: hot all his powers back, just some. So I'm hoping no more easy-time travel-fixes to saggy plot lines.

I think Micah/Rebel is in for a rude awakening to just how evil people can be, especially this Hunter dude. Right now being Rebel is an adventure to him, but he hasn't seen the dark side yet.

Angela dodging the Feds was pretty cool, too, but the oh-so-predictable rescue was annoying.

So... I'm not counting it out yet, though like many of you I was on the cusp of giving up. C'mon, Fuller, work yer magic, lad!