Illustration for article titled Nerds Vs. Jocks Vs. Droids Vs. Padme Vs. Pigeons Vs. Serial Killers On This Weeks TV

This week on TV, Chuck's nerd pals get into trouble with some jocks led by real-life football star Michael Strahan. Walter uses pigeons to do his sciencey bidding on Fringe. And Padme gets into some trouble on Clone Wars. Clips of the nerd-jock fight, some shocking revelations on Heroes, and some Smallville, Fringe and Star Wars action await below.Monday: Nasty jocks infest the Buy More playing sports video games and harassing the Nerd Herd. Will the Morgan be able to stick for himself? Plus Sarah's ex-boyfriend is back and making "nerdy-but-not-really-nerdy-at-all" Chuck all sorts of "adorably" awkward, again. Check out the line up of clips for "Chuck Versus The Break-Up." Chuck is on 8 PM on NBC. Chuck Clips:

Oooh Claire is so pissed at her Pappy's new partner Sylar on NBC's Heroes. But after that horrendous brain-violation that happened a few episodes back, can you really blame her? Plus the leader of the villains and big Daddy Arthur Petrelli is coming for a visit. The new episode "Angels And Heroes" is on at 9PM. Here's a clip where daddy comes back:

Daphne Gets Recruited On Heroes:

Here's Daddy Promo:

No Sarah Connor Chronicles this week. Two episodes of sexy thigh-high-wearing Anime girls in Gurren Lagann on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 and 11:30 PM. On Charlie Jade's "Flesh," Charlie and Tukarrs make a deal with 01 to break him out of prison. Jade airs on the Sci Fi Channel at 3 AM. Tuesday: Fringe is back this week — we missed you Walter! This week, a weird guy is electrocuting other people (but I assure you not in the X-Files way) and Dr. Bishop uses homing pigeons to solve the case. Fringe is on 9 PM on Fox. And here's a behind-the-scenes clip:

Movies: The world ends yet again on Deep Impact on TMC at 1 PM, and Matthew Broderick teaches us all the value of computer games and nuclear warfare in War Games at 3 PM on AMC. Wednesday: Deadly toxins get released and it's up to KITT and Mike to save the day. Mike Tracer almost dies, but manages to keep his shirt on this time. Tune in "Hard Days Knight" on NBC at 8 PM — and maybe this week, KITT will back over a passed out Tracer (fingers crossed!). Promo:

Thursday: Lois and Clark go undercover as a couple to track down a serial killer, and calamity and near-death experiences ensue. Let's hope there's some actual sexual tension between these two in this week's Smallville, "Committed" on CW at 8 PM. Here's a clip:

Executive Producer Todd Slavkin On "Committed":

God is getting involved in a series of evil-science-motivated murders in the "Cardiac" episode of Eleventh Hour — or, as I know it, "the other Fringe." Still, Rufus Sewell does bring some superior brooding skills to the table. Check it out on CBS at 10 PM. Here's the promo:

Sam Tyler has to figure out how he got hit by a car in 2008 and woke up in 1973. But first on Life On Mars, he's got a series of fatal robberies he needs to investigate, back in the day. LOM Promo:

Movies: Meet the super shiny Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four 2 on HBO at 12 PM. Friday: On Ben 10: Alien Force, our heroic Ben and the Highbreed Commander get stranded on a foreign planet together. The episode "Alone Together" is at 9:30 PM on Cartoon Network. On the new new Clone Wars, "Destroy Malevolence," it's up to Anakin to save Padme's backside once again! That's at 9 PM on the Cartoon Network. And here's a promo including some action scenes:

A plague infects a band of refugees picked up by the Atlantis crew on an all new Stargate Atlantis, "Outsiders," on the Sci Fi Channel at 9 PM.

Team Sanctuary discovers a group of thieves that posses a strange ability to slip in and out of cracks. The new episode "Folding Man" is on at 10 PM at the Sci Fi Channel. Saturday: This week the Primeval team fights monster scorpions on BBC America at 9 PM. Movies: Charlie Sheen chases around some backwards knee bendy aliens in The Arrival on HBO at 12:30 PM. Before Keanu invades your mind as the somewhat more colorful Klaatu, check out the original alien invasion while AMC screens the black-and-white Day The Earth Stood Still at 1:30 PM. Sunday: Uncle Bartlett's issues with Sookie come to a head with vampire Bill's involvement this week on True Blood. Jason continues to deal with his addiction to V-Juice and more redneck rage in the episode "Burning House Of Love" on HBO at 9 PM.


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