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Nerdcore Calendar Brings Twelve Months of Sexy Horror [NSFW]

Illustration for article titled Nerdcore Calendar Brings Twelve Months of Sexy Horror [NSFW]

Nerdcore's annual geek-themed calendar is back, and this year's calendar girls are baring all in horror-themed spreads. Check out a few of the sexy send-ups of monsters and scary movies.


Last year, Nerdcore gifted us with sensual scenes from cyberpunk and space opera with its science fiction calendar, and the year before it was scantily clad superheroes and villains. This year, their pinups pay tribute to the horror genre, from ghosts and zombies to Alfred Hitchcock and Sam Raimi. Higher res images of the first six images are available at Destructoid and of the last three images at ShockTillYouDrop.

Update: We've replaced two of the images with uncensored versions from our sister site Fleshbot. Check out Fleshbot for more uncensored images from the calendar.


The calendars (which will not have Nerdcore censoring glasses over the sexy parts) are currently available for pre-order for $25.00.

[Nerdcore 2010 Calendar]

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crashedpc /sarcasm

I love how all the comments are on the last image cuz obviously everyone clicked through to the end... hahaha