Nerd Thunderdome: Stargate Universe finally pins Eli Vs. McKay

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You asked for it! The new Stargate is finally delivering. Next season, SGU will be unleash a battle of epic nerdiness proportions. David Hewlett will be brain fighting David Blue in a McKay and Eli showdown. Our money's on Meredith!


We were at the Stargate Universe SDCC panel, and here are the biggest announcements that got us excited to get back aboard Destiny:

First and foremost, the aforementioned nerd fight (which I feel like has been in the "making" forever) is finally happening! Eli and McKay will have a matching of wits. Robert Cooper announced:

If you haven't already heard we have Robert Picardo and David Hewlett coming back for an episode this year. I just wanted to ask the panel, back in season 4 of Atlantis in the episode titled "Midway" we had Teal'c battle Ronin. And I think Eli is actually going to take on McKay.


He later added, "Maybe there will be a mud fight between Richard Woolsey and Camille Ray." Uh whatever, NERD FIGHT. Just kidding we love Woolsey.

In other news, Robert Carlyle got behind the director's seat for the fourth episode [EDIT: It was the first episode shot] of the new season, something he's apparently been asking to do for some time. The entire cast described his particular episode as incredibly emotional since it deals with Eli stoning home to visit his sick mother. Carlyle even surprised David Blue by sneaking in family photos onto the set to elicit a deeper, emotional response.

And finally, Cooper promised that additional rooms in Destiny will be revealed. Any hints? How about the Bridge! Yes, the control panel Robert Carlyle is currently using is not the official Destiny bridge, which we will see next season.

The Season 2 trailer was also aired, which we sadly missed but will update as soon as we can find a review of it. BUT the trailer will be on Xbox's Zune on Monday, so if you can't be here, you can watch it there soon enough!


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I've been watching the 5 p.m. reruns of SGA lately. They've only made me realize how much I miss seeing David Hewlett on my TV screen.

So this is a good thing.