Large-scale conventions like NYCC are great if you want to see celebrities or pick up missing Rom back issues, but what about those seeking a more... intimate connection with fellow fans? We have the answer.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on Nerds at Heart, a series of geek-friendly dating events that has resulted in at least one wedding... and more than a few passionate games of Risk:

The game of Risk may not sound romantic to everybody. "I was playing; he was knocking my cavalry over into the ocean," remembers Flaherty. But it led to a first date at a book fair. And, eventually, love.

In April, their wedding-cake topper will depict them holding Wii controllers.

Apparently, Nerds at Heart is a purely Chicago-based phenomenon right now, but with nerd culture on the rise all over, we don't see why that has to be the case at all. In fact, we're willing to meet with interesting financiers to discuss setting up our own io9-branded dating nights, if only to see more lines like these in wedding announcements:

Now the two live together in Andersonville, with a cat named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dahlby has been known to dress up as Princess Leia on occasion. At least five science fiction conventions are on their calendar this year - as well as a wedding.


Is it the Leia cosplay, the cat named Buffy or the con-attending? I don't know, but what about that doesn't scream "romance"?

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