Neither Snow Nor Sleet Can Stop This Week's Comics - Or Can They?

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Will there be comics this week? Maybe: Diamond's HQ has been without power thanks to the East-Coast snowpocalypse, meaning some shipments may be delayed. But if comics arrive, they'll include assassin monkeys and the men who try to stop them.


Let's get the most officially titled new release off the list first. New SF anthology Science Fiction & Fantasy Illustrated launches from Zenescope, the same people who like their readers' girlfriends to cosplay their hearts out. And let's just say that we expect lots of, uh, "sexy" science to be on display therein. If by "science," you mean "cleavage and ass."

A somewhat different view of the female form can be found in the debut of X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back, a new mini-series starring the X-Men's latest teenage focal point, by the sadly-shortened Runaways team of Kathryn Immonen and Sara Pitchelli. That's just one of a number of unusual Marvel Comics launches this week - There's also Tales of The Pet Avengers, the return of the animal superhero team (Do dragons count as animals?), and Hit-Monkey, a Deadpool spin-off featuring a hitman who just so happens to be a monkey. High concept? We think so.

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If you'd rather read about those who seek to prevent assassinations, then DC's new Human Target series - which, it should be noted, is not coming out from the Vertigo imprint and isn't connected to the Peter Milligan series that we all love, but instead is closer to the television show - may be up your alley. But we'd recommend the Brave and The Bold: Milestone collection, collecting the recent issues of DC's team-up title, guest-starring characters from the sadly defunct Milestone imprint, instead.

There's all manner of goodies to be found in the indie releases, including the first collection of Boom!'s epic heroic fantasy The Anchor, as well as the first collection of their movie spin-off 28 Days Later. Dynamite have Legendary Talespinners - which promises to be a Fables-esque story about characters from classic stories existing in the modern world - and IDW have From The Ashes, collecting the dark comedy about why the apocalypse will really suck.

As good as they all are, however - and From The Ashes is a fun, cynical read, especially - the book of the week is Dark Horse's Mesmo Delivery, collecting mini-comics by Brazilian creator Rafael Grampá that have to be seen to be believed: Beautiful art and sly writing combine for a particularly unique experience.


Presuming Diamond's website comes back online, you might find a shipping list here, and snow or no snow, your local comic book store can always be found here. If you don't hear for us for awhile, we've gone to Maryland to try and rescue Diamond. Send help.

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Did Runaways get canceled when I wasn't paying attention? I mean, I wasn't in love with Immonen's run on it, but I didn't want it to get canceled!