Neill Blomkamp's Next Scifi Feature Gets The Go Ahead

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Neill Blomkamp has been itching to do another science fiction film, but he's been mum on the details ever since District 9 premiered. But a few tantalizing details have leaked, with the news that the next film got the greenlight.


Variety is reporting that not only is Blomkamp's next scifi feature getting money, but he's getting creative freedom and a larger budget than the $30 million District 9 was allotted. (But the budget will still be "modest" by Hollywood blockbuster standards.) Still, we all know he can make a winner without a ton of money.

"Hopefully, this will be a bit unique, very much a reflection of me. It is absolutely another science fiction film, quite different from `District 9,' but some of the blending of genres and the tone might be within the same realm."


And rumor has it the untitled feature takes place entirely on an alien world. Blomkamp is also committed to directing the District 9 sequel, but that comes after this next project.

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I can't wait for the D9 sequel. But, apparently I have to :'( #neillblomkamp