Neill Blomkamp's Next Project Teases New Horrors and an Alien Invasion

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The man behind Elysium, Chappie, and District 9 is embarking on a strange new project called Oat Studios Volume 1, and although it’s a bizarre left-turn for the director in terms of how you’ll see it, a new teaser trailer for the series shows he’ll at least be treading some familiar scifi grounds.

Blomkamp has been teasing the prospect of Oat Studios for a while now, and his plans to sell a series of short films through Steam, Valve’s PC distribution service probably best known as that place where you buy oodles of dirt cheap PC games you’ll never have time to play whenever there’s a sale on. But now we have the our first look look at just what the studio is making, and it’s pretty much a smorgasbord of alien invasion delights.

The teaser gives us shots of an overgrown Eiffel Tower, some seriously creepy, lizard-like aliens, what looked like some Vietnam-era zombie soldiers, and in general, a pretty bizarre and grim future for humanity at large—done in the style of the short films that Blomkamp made his name with before landing District 9.


Whatever Oat Studios ends up being, we’ll find out in the near future—the first volume is supposedly streaming “soon”, according to the teaser. We’ll bring you more on Blomkamp’s mystery project as we learn it.


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