Neill Blomkamp Shares a Glimpse of What He's Working On Next (Alas, It's Not Alien)

Hopefully it’s not a sequel to Chappie.
Hopefully it’s not a sequel to Chappie.

Extremely infrequent Instagram user Neill Blomkamp took to social media this week to share an enigmatic image, with the vaguest of descriptions: “Working on new things. Currently not alien.” So what might the next project on the Chappie and District 9 director’s slate possibly be?


It’s probably safe to assume it’s not a rom-com:


Blomkamp’s untitled Alien movie, plotted as a sequel to Aliens that would replace the films that came after that 1986 James Cameron classic, has been the subject of much speculation. If he ends up making it, we likely won’t know more until Ridley Scott’s prequel film Alien: Covenant comes out next year—so it makes sense that Blomkamp would be filling his time with something else while he waits to get that project going.

We just have no idea what that “new things” refers to. Another movie? A TV show? A musical starring Sharlto Copley? Based on that image, perhaps something with a Hills Have Eyes/Mad Max/mutants/apocalypse kind of thing going on? Wild speculation seems appropriate until we know more.


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When are we going to put him alongside M. Night Shyamalan in the category of people who accidentally made a good film?