The Flash buzz is kicking up again, and possible names are starting to float around but the one were most excited about is the one and only NPH. Please let Doogie don the gold boots.

Screen Rant is buzzing about a possible Neil Patrick Harris Flash, which we completely support 100% even though we know it will never, ever happen. Why? Because it's a brilliant idea, and because our dreams-coming-true quota was all used up when they cast Christian Bale as John Connor.


But NPH isn't the only blondie with his hand in the Flash pie. According to Think Mcfly Think, Scott Porter is in the racing for the role as well. You may remember Porter as Jason Street, the handicapped quarterback in Friday Night Lights. If Porter gets this role that would mean two FNL stars are now superheroes of sorts, with Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

And speaking of Origins, what happened to the Ryan Reynolds as The Flash rumor? I assume gone with his Deadpool casting because, well, why would you want to be The Flash when you could be Deadpool?

While we're really sold on NPH as The Flash we have to toss in a few more members of Hollywood into the mix, and here are our suggestions for the man in the red spandex suit:

Ben Foster:


Why He's A Front Runner: This character actor is just dying for a lead role. He can pull of completely deranged sidekick (3:10 to Yuma) and sweet faced Angel (X-Men). I would love to see Foster put a little heat behind the eyes of The Flash and give him some depth.
Why He'll Lag Behind: He's just not big enough yet to star in a tentpole production, which is sad (and the same fate I forsee Topher Grace being handed for the Venom spin-off).

Ryan Gosling:


Why He's A Front Runner: Women love him (The Notebook) so it will drive the ladies into the theater, plus he has that hero look about him. He'll be cast as a big screen hero yet; Hollywood won't let that chin go to waste.
Why He'll Lag Behind: I could see this opportunity being passed up by Gosling; he's been rumored as so many other heroes before (Green Lantern, anyone?) that he may be sick of the speculation and say, "no thanks" ...which would be a huge mistake.