Neil Marshall's working on a World War 2 alien invasion picture

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Are you ready for Battle: Los Angeles meets Saving Private Ryan? The Descent director, Neil Marshall, has been enchanted by the rash of alien invasion flicks. His next project might be an extraterrestrial invasion flick set in World War II.


Live for Films nabbed the director and him to reveal the general plot to the screenplay he was working on:

While we don't know much, this does sound like the perfect type of fodder for a Marshall flick. We miss this man's science fiction work, and we're glad he's returning to the genre that loves him the most.

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Neil Marshall's films can be quite hit-or-miss. I really hope this is one of his better ones as the idea sounds promising.

Isn't there a nazi-dinosaurs-in-WWII movie coming out soon though? or did I dream that?