Neil Gaiman's Interworld Potentially Rescued From Development Hell by Hamilton Producers

The producers of Broadway’s insanely successful (and oh-so-good) musical Hamilton have decided to turn a YA novel from Neil Gaiman into a TV series—a novel which was optioned by Dreamworks Animation as a movie way back in 2007, and then essentially disappeared.

Seriously, io9's first and only news article on the Interworld movie was posted on February 6, 2008, not long after the site began. Then... silence. Until today, when Jeffrey Seller and Flody Suarez claim the TV rights.


The Wrap summarizes the novel thusly:

The story follows teenage dimension-walker Joey Harker and his quest to battle and save all people — in all possible dimensions. Everyone in the Interworld is a version of Joey, some only a little different, while others are different genders, different ages and even different species. What makes them all special is that they have the ability to “walk,” or travel from dimension to dimension.

Hilariously, Gaiman and his co-writer Michael Reaves actually intended Interworld for a Hollywood project initially, way back in 1996, and Hollywood flatly said no. They published it as a novel in 2007, leading to Dreamworks Animation snagging the rights, leading to right now. Fun!

io9 will continue to bring you all Interworld news as it happens, with the next update presumably coming in 2025 or so.


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