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Neil Gaiman's 'Cinematic and Strange' Likely Stories Are Coming to Shudder

Image: Sky Arts
Image: Sky Arts

Later this week, genre-focused streaming network Shudder will be releasing all four chapters of Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories, short-film adaptations of strange and twisted tales by the author of American Gods and Coraline.


The miniseries originally aired on the UK’s Sky Arts last year, and it’s described by Shudder as follows:

Adapted from Gaiman’s dark tales, this collection of distinct, odd and brilliant short stories is both cinematic and strange. In each film, each character is compelled to share their story and we’re drawn into their very act of telling tall tales. While each episode has its own lead character, they are backed by an ensemble cast that play across all four bold and original films.


According to a Variety story when the series was first announced, the stories are all set in London and will blend reality and fantasy. Sounds about right for Gaiman—who also sprinkled nods to his other works throughout the series.

Check out the teaser below, which is as enigmatic yet intriguing as you’d expect:

Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories hits Shudder on Thursday, August 31.

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No comment on the story, really, but I had not heard of Shudder before now and want to state how pleased I am it is not called “Shuddr”.