Neil Gaiman Walks Out On David Fincher's Black Hole

Bad news for all you mutated kids infected with "teen plague" from Charles Burns' Black Hole comic: the Beowulf team of Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary won't be penning the story for your big screen adaption. Unfortunately there appeared to be a conflict of work styles between the writers and the infamous director David Fincher. It's too bad: I would have loved to see what Gaiman and Fincher would have dreamed up together. Although I can assume that Fincher's method is a little like going on an intense uppers bender, but instead of doing drugs you work on your movie until your fingers bleed.The 12-issue comic Black Hole centered around teens in the 70s who become mutated and deformed from a sexually transmitted disease that spreads fast and comes from unknown origins. In an interview with MTV, Gaiman revealed why he couldn't work with Fincher:

“Once they got David Fincher on,” Gaiman said, “David explained his process consisted of having over ten drafts, done over and over, and Roger and I were sort of asked if we wanted to, if we were interested in doing that. And we definitely weren’t.”


Gaiman and Avary left the film but left one draft of their script with Fincher. Let's hope he works with it — Gaiman's dreamy writing and Finchers insanity really could have created something interesting on screen out of the brilliant Black Hole source material. [MTV Splash Page]

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