Neil Gaiman, author of lovely, dark comic books and fantasy novels like American Gods and Sandman, admits that even when he wants to be writing his new book he's distracted by the awfulness of last season's Torchwood:

Yesterday I composed an entire thing in my head I didn't write down about Why The People in Torchwood Season One Are All Too Stupid To Live — including the astonishingly puzzling incident where someone in 1941 has written something down on paper with black ink (a medium that will last legibly for centuries if kept out of the sun), and, unaccountably worried that ink on paper will fade and become unreadable in time, first she takes a prototype Polaroid photo of it, and then writes some of it in blood and puts it in a coffee can in a damp cellar, because these media will still be readable seventy years later. Why she didn't make a model of it out of chocolate as well, I will never know.)

Hey, Neil, at least that episode had a hot gay kiss, OK? Wait, that's every episode. [Neil Gaiman]


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