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The New York Times has just announced that very famous comic book writer Neil Gaiman is returning to Marvel, and that's not even the weird part. The weird part is that he's bringing Angela, a character he created for Todd McFarlane's Spawn over at Image Comics with him... for some reason.


She — and Gaiman — will be part of the final issue of Age of Ultron, which Gaiman will co-write with Brian Michael Bendis and which Angela will somehow guest-star in; then she will appear in Guardians of the Galxay #5, which Gaiman will also co-write with Bendis.

Honestly, Gaiman's jumped ship to Marvel before, so that's not a particularly big deal. And Gaiman won the rights to Angela after he settled with Todd McFarlane last year, since Gaiman created the character, so that's technically not a surprise either except for why Marvel would even want the character. Here are the big deals:

• How is this going to affect the Sandman prequel Gaiman was supposed to publish with DC this fall?


• Since Marvel got the Marvelman/Miracleman rights back, does this mean Gaiman will get another chance to write the character he so loves?

• How the hell are they going to explain how Angela ends up in the Marvel U.?

• And, most importantly, why even bother? Seriously

Age of Ultron concludes in June, so maybe we'll get a few answers then.

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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