Neil Gaiman has a new show coming to FOX. Image: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

When a group of people realizes they’re in a building that is continually moving through alternate dimensions, they’ll have to rescue their friends before they never see them again. That’s plot of The Building, a new TV show co-produced by legendary writer Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Coraline).

Gaiman will join several other producers on the show, which is an adaptation of the independent film Parallels, directed by Chris Leone. In that film, the building shifts to a dimension where Ronald Reagan wasn’t president and Russia bombed the United States.


According to Deadline, the show will “explore the origin of the building, who built it and why, what happens on each floor and how, if at all possible, do they get back to their original Earth.” It’ll air on FOX.

It’s a pretty exciting premise for a show, something that’ll surely appeal to the X-Files or Lost crowd. And Gaiman gives it a good dash of scifi/fantasy cred too. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all works out.


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