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Negan Has an Awkward Conversation in This Clip From The Walking Dead's Season 10 Finale

Negan seems happy.
Negan seems happy.
Image: AMC

Look, in the post-apocalyptic survival business, people, well, sometimes they get murdered. It’s rough going.


That’s the uncomfortable truth in this clip from The Walking Dead’s tenth season finale, courtesy of Comic Book Resources and AMC. In it, Negan has an uncomfortable conversation with someone whose relative he may have, uh, killed. Look, sorry, it happens. He does seem to feel bad? So that’s something?

This clip, from the final episode of season 10, is confusing, though, as it doesn’t represent the actual intended finale of the season. It was planned, before the novel coronavirus, to extend for another episode. Pandemics have a tendency to ruin plans, however, and so post-production work on that episode wasn’t ever finished.


Instead, AMC plans to air that episode as a special sometime before the advent of Season 11, which is slated for later this year but, with the novel coronavirus hanging over us all, could change at any time. The Walking Daed airs Sundays on AMC, but don’t expect this finale to tie up all the loose ends.

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HORRIBLE episode for a “finale” oh, a horde is walking.. AND???  LAME, this show get’s dumber by the episode.