For needlework that goes beyond alphabets and aphorisms, some cross stitchers are turning to Joss Whedon for inspiration, stitching up samplers featuring quotes and characters from Buffy, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible.

Cross stitch aficionado and Whedon fan Beefranck assembled this collection of samplers, a few of which came out of a Buffy-themed needlepoint swap. Now I just need more of these to show up on Etsy so I can take care of a few blank spaces on my walls.

[mr x stitch via Whedonesque]


Reavers on the Oregon Trail by SkyyAngel

River to Jayne by Caitlinite


Brand New Day by Beefranck

The Hammer by Beefranck


The Body by Stacia Yeapanis

Rest in Piece and the Game of Life by Zhad Squad


I Love Frozen Yogurt by janelleirene

Lacy, Gently Wafting Curtains by Shaebay


Mutant Enemy by TiLTCreationsCoredelia's Tact by youheartus