Need To Chat? Why Not Visit io9's Observation Deck?

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You need to talk about science, comic books, and giant monsters. We understand. That's why we've got a commenter forum where you can talk about anything, any time. It's called Observation Deck, and you can go there right now.


That's right - Observation Deck is here for you all day, every day, no matter how long it takes for your planet to rotate or revolve around its sun. We don't care if you're biological, technological, or geological - you're welcome to post. You know, as long as you obey these simple rules.


You can reach observation deck by going here, posting in the comments of this post, or making a comment in any post and tagging it with #observationdeck. Yes, it's that easy.

Image of Milliways by William Werk.

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I'm not so sure that the picture there is the real io9 Observation Deck...