If Guardians of the Galaxy left a Rocket and Groot-shaped hole in your heart, never fear. Tons of wonderful artists have stepped up to celebrate the bromance that exists between tree person and talking raccoon.

Some of these pieces were created in response to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, while others predate the movie and were instead inspired by the comics. But they are all delightful. Spoilers for the movie ahead.

Up top is Aktheneroth's Rocket and Groot, which just makes us melt.

Zach Smithson plays with the iconic Hitachi Maxell ad:

Isaac Goodhart reminds us that Groot truly is the Giving Tree:

Naomi Romero gives the pair a little storybook flair:

In Katie A.M.'s piece, Groot carries off his drunken, swearing pal (you can see more of her Guardians of the Galaxy fanart in her deviantART gallery):

zzigae gets a little teary eyed:

Otis Frampton's Rocket snarks a bit at his pal:

dugong's Groot shades Rocket on a sunny day:

Tom Bancroft sends a young Groot and Rocket on cosmic adventures:

Alberto Navajo's Rocket and Groot share a satisfied post-battle grin:

Stephen Hartman draws the pair Dr. Seuss-style. (He's also done How Loki Stole Asgard!):

This is just a tiny snippet from Quyen's heartwarming Guardians of the Galaxy follow-up fan comic. Head over to Tumblr to see the whole thing.

Axel Medellin imagines the pair reminiscing about their first meeting:

We want to hug Ayme S.'s Rocket. (She also has prints in her shop.):

Joey Spiotto put the duo in their own Little Golden Book:

Mike Mitchell gives Rocket an appropriate boost:

AdiFitri pictures them as Calvin and Hobbes:

And Wetrilo hits us right in our tree person-loving hearts: