Need ideas for your next science fiction story? This site is full of them

Story ideas are dime a dozen, but sometimes it can be hard to find one that feels really original, or which you connect with. That's why TheIdeaBird is a really neat idea — every day or two, this Tumblr features another story idea, and they're usually science fiction or fantasy. In fact, these little idea nuggets often feel like flash fiction, or like they contain the germs of the story's ending as well as its beginning.

Top image: Stacy Chomiak.

Here's one of the cooler ones:

A girl who grows up with absolutely nothing grows up to be a data thief. She wants to own all of the things she never had, but her job requires that she travel without any material items.


You could definitely kill an hour reading through all these ideas and pondering them — and maybe they'd turn into something like a story in your head. [The Idea Bird, thanks Andrew!]

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