Neal Stephenson Gets Half A Million Dollars, But Did He Have To Switch Genres To Get It?

Neal Stephenson confirmed his status as one of science fiction's leading authors, in the wake of the acclaimed Anathem, by selling his next book in what Publisher's Marketplace calls a "major deal." (In other words, it was worth at least $500,000.) But the book, called REAMDE, is classified as "thriller" rather than "science fiction." Does that mean Stephenson is abandoning the genre? More likely, he's doing a near-future novel, and handling the thriller genre much the same way he did in 1994's Interface, co-written with his uncle J. Frederick George. As for the title — is it just "README" misspelled, or does it have some deeper significance? [Publisher's Marketplace, thanks Clinton!]



You would be hard pressed to call Cryptomonicon & the Baroque Cycle "Science Fiction". He switched "genres" a long time ago.