In a tone of deep seriousness that sounds practically professorial, scifi author Neal Stephenson shared some grave thoughts a couple of months ago about science fiction actors. In this clip, the author of The Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon tells a London audience how SF actors' careers are "bifurcated" — they're famous among scifi fans, but not so widely known in the mundane world (not unlike Stephenson himself). I just love the way he gravely explains the careers of Lena Headley (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Lucy Lawless (Battlestar Galactica, Xena). But then he moves on even more controversial territory: Who should play Spock if it isn't going to be Leonard Nimoy? His answer, unsurprisingly, is not the dude JJ Abrams picked to play Spock in the new movie. But it's actually some pretty inspired casting. Neal Stephenson can cast my dream Star Trek movie any time. [via Fora TV]

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