NBC's Website Freaks Chuck Fans Out

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NBC's Chuck microsite accidentally announced the show's cancellation yesterday for a few hours by listing Monday's episode as the "series finale"... Innocent mistake, or a sign of things to come?


The "Series Finale" at the start of the blurb for this week's "Chuck vs. The Ring" was caught by site TV By The Numbers on Tuesday before it was quickly removed without explanation or apology. While the site's Bill Gorman is right when he says that "[e]ven if [the cancellation] is ultimately true, there's no way it was meant to be announced this way," the show's low ratings - it finished last in its timeslot of all the main networks on Monday - and NBC's loss of five hours of primetime programming next season due to Jay Leno's new 10pm show don't necessarily bode well for the series' future. Maybe someone at NBC's online division was trying to send out a message without anyone noticing, spy-style.

Did NBC.com Really Announce The Chuck Series Finale? No. [TV By The Numbers]



Well, if that's it for the series, I'm going to ignore the "finale" ever happened, and let things end in a much happier way with the second last episode.

Plus, Sara in undies is the only way for this show to go out. Chuck me, indeed!