Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin and Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston in NBC’s Timeless.
Image: NBC

Though NBC had already given the verdict on most of its shows, announcing whether or not they’d been renewed for the upcoming season, the network was being conspicuously tight-lipped about Timeless’ future until today.

Deadline is reporting that NBC has decided to cancel Timeless after two seasons, but there’s a chance that Rufus, Lucy, and Wyatt’s story could come to a satisfying end in a two-hour TV movie that would wrap up the second season’s cliffhanger. That said, currently there are no concrete plans for the film because SonyTV (which produces the show) has not come to an agreement with NBC that would make the financials work for the project.


Given that we’re living in a time when a vociferous, passionate fanbase can seemingly save a show even after it’s walked the network plank, there’s no telling what NBC might ultimately end up deciding to do, should the Timeless fandom decide to speak up. For the time being, though, the time-traveling heroes’ days of gallivanting into the past are over.


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