NBC's Midnight, Texas Looks Like Delicious Supernatural Cheese

Spot the vampire! (It’s not the cat.) Image: NBCUniversal
Spot the vampire! (It’s not the cat.) Image: NBCUniversal

If you’re going to rip off True Blood, you might as well go right to the source. The extended trailer for NBC’s supernatural drama Midnight, Texas further makes us expect that this latest Charlaine Harris adaptation about a small town filled with secrets will resemble HBO’s vampire drama, but with way less nudity and gore.

There’s a bit more here than in the earlier trailer that dropped in October; you get a better look at the characters, which include luxuriously coiffed drifter-who-is-also-a-psychic Manfred (François Arnaud); an angel named Joe (Jason Lewis); a vampire named Lem (Peter Mensah, who also played a vampire on True Blood); a witch named Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley); and “the Rev” (Yul Vazquez), who’s probably a werewolf, because this show clearly needs a werewolf. Less obviously supernatural are the pawn shop owner (Dylan Bruce), the Sookie stand-in (Sarah Ramos), and the most seemingly out-of-place character, the sex-ay assassin (Arielle Kebbel, who coincidentally played a vampire on Vampire Diaries).

There’s also at least one hardworking fog machine on the payroll, and a surprising lack of anyone attempting a small-town Texas accent.

Sweet supernatural cheese! It ain’t gonna match up to True Blood, but there’s some guilty-pleasure potential here for sure. Midnight, Texas premieres July 25 on NBC.

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I read the books when I first heard about the show and they were pleasantly compelling as far as popcorn reads go. And a trilogy to boot, so not the Epic Tale of Sookie and co. I’m curious to see what the show is like.