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Wondering what's going to happen to NBC's Heroes once they've finished with the Villains of the current storyarc? The show's Greg Grunberg has been talking about what's coming up in the second half of the third season of the series, subtitled Fugitives, and the answer may involve some heavy-handed political commentary... and yet another X-Men rip-off. Spoilers follow, so consider yourself warned.Grunberg was surprisingly happy to spill the beans about what we're going to be seeing on the superpowered show come 2009:

We're shooting episode two of Fugitives right now. It puts us all in a Guantanamo Bay kind of a situation. We've all bagged and tagged and we're on our way to being killed. What's great about it is that we all have to work together. We're all thrown into this terrible situation and have to work together to get out of it, find out who's in charge of [doing] this and stop them. There's a new character called 'The Hunter' and he's coming after all of us... At the end of volume three [the "Good Vs. Evil" arc from Villains is] kind of wrapped up but then there's this huge cliffhanger that leads into volume four.


A huge cliffhanger that involves all of the Heroes being "bagged and tagged" and incarcerated? I can't work out if that's going to end up in something resembling the mutant concentration camp future of the X-Men storyline "Days Of Future Past," or the mutant apartheid island prisons of Genosha from when it first appeared. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing how Tim Kring and company work through the political minefield that is bringing in a Guantanamo Bay into the Heroesverse - and the inevitable prison break that's to come. Greg Grunberg spills on 'Heroes: Fugitives' [Digital Spy]


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