NBC Not To Announce Full 2009-2010 Schedule Next Week?

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Looking forward to next week's NBC infronts to discover what sci-fi shows will make it to the Peacock network next year, and whether Chuck will make it to a new season? Don't get too excited.


Reports are coming in that NBC will not be announcing their full fall schedule next week as originally planned, due to the tragic death of the network's VP of drama programming, Nora O'Brien on Wednesday afternoon. As a result, screenings of pilots and decisions about shows have been postponed as a mark of respect, meaning that the network is unlikely to have finalized their fall schedule by Monday's previously-announced announcement date. Apparently, currently under consideration is a plan to release a partial fall schedule next week, with a full schedule to follow, although some feel that a busy weekend will result in the full schedule coming out on time after all.

All we care about, really, is whether or not Chuck is coming back - Rumors seem positive on that score - and Jesse Alexander's new series Day One gets picked up. Here's hoping that we'll know the answer to at least one of those questions in a couple of days.


She has my respect if she was behind The Lost Room. (I'll just ignore the Bionic Woman part.) What happened? I'm almost 44!