NBC Is Trying to Make the New True Blood

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True Blood bit its last throat in 2014, but NBC is hoping it can duplicate HBO’s mega-success by adapting another fantasy series from works by author Charlaine Harris, called Midnight, Texas. It’s based on Harris’ trilogy about a small town filled with spooky secrets.


According to Deadline:

Midnight, Texas is a Southern tale with supernatural elements ... set in Midnight, Texas, where the real world and the supernatural collide in a dangerous, sexy, place full of dark secrets and mysterious people. It’s a small town where asking the wrong question or overstaying your welcome could get you killed. Stop at the one traffic light and everything looks normal; stay awhile and learn the truth.


Sounds very True Blood-ish, although NBC doesn’t exactly have the freedom with nudity and gore that HBO allowed for. Deadline notes that Midnight, Texas will be adapted from an in-progress trilogy (Midnight Crossroad, Day Shift), of which the third and final entry (Night Shift) will be published in May next year.

Here’s more from an Entertainment Weekly report:

“It’s where humans and the supernatural co-exist, and where everyone has a secret,” says executive producer David Janollari (Six Feet Under), who is adapting the books with Monica Breen (Lost) for fall 2016. “It’s equal parts humorous, sexy, and downright scary.”

“...All the books have great murders at the center,” Janollari says. “There are these great secrets and great romantic entanglements happening with this big mystery backdrop, though it’s the supernatural that will scare the hell out of you.”

Top image from the Midnight Crossroad book trailer on YouTube


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Sure why not they have such a great track record with horror/genre shows. There was Dracula...oh wait. There was Constantine...oh wait. There was Hannibal...oh wait.