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NBC, still struggling to find hits beyond The Blacklist and... well, pretty much they just have The Blacklist at this point, but their desperation is inspiring creativity! For instance, the network has ordered a pilot for a martial art fantasy drama titled Warrior. Can kung fu TV really be making a comeback?


Well, NBC obviously hopes so, but it's probably worth mentioning that AMC announced a martial arts TV series first, just last month. And as the AV Club points out, Warrior sounds a hell of a lot like The Legend of Korra:

In a grounded, contemporary multicultural and sometimes magical milieu, a damaged heroine works undercover with physical and spiritual guidance from a mysterious martial arts master to bring down an international crime lord.


That's the official synopsis. I'm not going to pretend NBC is about to make a series even half as good as Korra. Hell, I'm not even sure if anyone can make a decent martial arts show on a weekly budget — we've come a bit of a way since the days of Kung Fu, after all. Still, better this than The Blacklist: New Orleans, I suppose.

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