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I think we can officially call ourselves in the midst of a Biblical renaissance in pop culture — from Son of God (a 2014 movie made out of a 2013 miniseries called, of course, The Bible) to Noah, there's a lot of Bible, both old and new, out there. And now ABC and NBC have announced two more Bible-themed shows are in the works.


We asked this question last year when we heard that Ridley Scott and Fox were already planning to follow up Exodus: Gods and Kings with David. Since then, the desire to tell Biblical stories has spread to the small screen. Like, well, a plague.

This Easter will bring A.D.: The Bible Continues, the sequel to Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's miniseries The Bible. And this fall could bring more. ABC has ordered a pilot of Of Kings and Prophets, described by Deadline as "is an epic biblical saga of faith, ambition and betrayal as told through the eyes of a battle-weary king, a powerful and resentful prophet and a resourceful young shepherd on a collision course with destiny."

And NBC has furthered its Biblical partnership with Burnett and Downey, green-lighting Unveiled, which sounds very Touched By an Angel-esque:

Echoing the series that made Downey a star on American television, CBS' Touched By An Angel, Unveiled follows an ensemble of flawed guardian angels who intervene in the lives of those who find themselves facing crisis in an attempt to restore their faith and, often, save their lives.


NBC grabbing up whatever Downey and Burnett are selling makes sense, since The Bible — which I feel very weird clarifying means the miniseries and not the book — was great business for them. But ABC's show doesn't have that pedigree, and it has a very vague description. Presumably, the network has seen more details before buying it. But, their project seems the most like the film industry's Biblical film epics, which are massively expensive. Can ABC really replicate it on a TV budget? We're months from finding out.

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