Nazi Moonbase Launches Stealth Attack

The long-awaited teaser trailer for Iron Sky, the science fiction comedy from the Finnish makers of Star Trek parody Star Wreck, is finally out. And unlike Wreck, which always seemed a bit pointless, Sky looks like it could be really twisted and awesome. For one thing, the script is by Johanna Sinisalo, author of the award-winning Troll: A Love Story. For another, it's about Nazis on the Moon. And finally, it's the first-ever open-source science fiction epic.

Iron Sky's tagline pretty much sums it up:

In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon. In 2018, they are coming back.

It's a dark science fiction comedy that plays with Finland's history of being oppressed by Sweden, Russia, and most of all the Nazis, and continues Star Wreck's trend of mocking totalitarian regimes. Director Timo Vuorensola explains:

Iron Sky is a story about conformity: those who want to conform, those who want to make others conform, and those who refuse to conform.


And to make this new film possible, the Finns have developed a new web site to facilitate collaborative filmmaking. Unlike the "chaotic" process in which 3,000 people worked on Star Wreck, the producers hope to harness a more orderly effort involving 10,000 creators this time around, thanks to a new site called The site is also being used to create Finnish horror movie Sauna. [Iron Sky]

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